Do you do this for a living?

Yes. All illustrators are highly educated professionals. Some made a name for themselves in advertising, and others in the branch of books and magazines. And yes, we are all able to make a living off of this.

What is your method?

We do not work with a fixed recipe. Sometimes there are hundreds of people present and other times we work with groups of four. We draw what we are instructed to draw, we take notes, we make comments. Every meeting requires its own approach. Of course we will brainstorm together beforehand.  

What happens with the drawings afterwards?

After the meetings the drawings are property of the client.

Can I use the drawings for my report?

Yes. You are free to use the illustrations for printing and social media. Attributing credit to the artist is allowed, but by no means an obligation. However, the conditions of the workshop organizers must be taken into account.

Do you do portraits at parties?


What sort of materials do you work with?

Most of our illustrators work digitally, but not in the workshops. Then we work with markers on paper. Piratical and informal. In our experience this is faster and more pleasant. Digital drawing during a workshop is a hassle. Cables, USB-drives, and projectors have a tendency to not work. However, we can provide technical support so the drawings may be digitized and projected or printed in a large A2 format. This is convenient for larger groups. Our technical man is a digital jack of all trades with a strongly developed right hemisphere.

How do you order a drawing?

A good briefing is very important. Make sure that you will describe what has to be drawn with precision. Not everything is able to be drawn. For instance, abstract concepts like safety, comfort, and respect. First ask yourself how, specifically, that should look. A lack of information causes disappointment. Don’t say my dog, but rather my Labrador. We would love to explain all of this at the beginning of the workshop as well.

Don’t you get high off of those markers?

Sadly, no. Nobody works with intoxicating materials anymore, including ourselves.

Can I become a member?

No. Lange Halen is a collective of like minded illustrators. We are not a company or union. But enthusiastic illustrators who would like to join should contact us.