Shirley Warlich

Shirley Warlich is a sketcher and illustrator. She is extra specialized in session sketching and visual note-taking. Shirley illustrates many management books. She has made many fashion illustrations, so her characters are guaranteed to be well dressed.

Luuk Poorthuis

Since 1980 Luuk Poorthuis worked as a freelance illustrator and visualizer. In addition he makes image form annotations during meetings, assemblies, sessions, and conferences. A welcome addition to the occurrence, and also in following documentation. He also gets many requests for story-telling portraits and caricatures. It is ensured that he is versatile in his offerings…

Geert Gratama

Geert Gratama grew up in Leeuwarden and studied at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He works as an independent illustrator and graphic designer. He has illustrated dozens of books and also designed theater posters for, among others, NUHR, Hakim and Theater Terra.


Graduated as a graphic artist from the art academy. As a born illustrator he got drawn to visualizing and illustration. With an interest in people in every sort of surrounding one could think of. He has more than 20 years of experience in digital as well as analog.


Valeria Loukachova enjoys drawing people the most. Some time ago she started drawing fashion illustrations and dessin design. She developed herself into a versatile illustrator. Works with digital as well as traditional techniques. This includes markers, acrylic, and oil-paint.